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My five year old daughter has had the good fortune to be taught by Ms. Laychak in her Extended Day Program.  Everyday my daughter is so excited about the sight words Ms. Laychak has given her to practice.  She makes me go through them with her, even if I forget.  She LOVES learning from Ms. Laychak and I've seen a real improvement in her reading.  The best part is that Ms. Laychak makes it fun!  -D. Pifer

My son enjoys seeing Ms. Heather every week.  He is learning his letters, sounds, and expanding his vocabulary.  Ms. Heather has instilled a new love of learning in my son.  He is constantly asking me, "What letter does that start with?" and making connections with other words that start with the same letter.  On our way home, he goes on and on about the games they play together and the stories they read.  My favorite line from my son is, "Ms. Heather taught me that!"  -Julie M.

          Huntersville, NC

My daughter loves practicing her sight words and is so proud of her homemade sight word flashcards.  She has become much more confident in her reading since she has started working with Ms. Heather!  -K. Ogburn


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