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Reading exposes your mind to a world of imagination.  Charlotte’s Reading Web is offered to open up a whole new world of learning and exploring to your preschooler.  Through our program, your child will learn the foundational reading skills, which include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Through hands-on games and activities, each child will practice and master these important skills to build a foundation for a successful lifetime of understanding literacy.


​Self-confidence is important to achieve success. Charlotte's Reading Web will help your child develop this confidence with literacy as well as skills. The students will be challenged to try new things and preserve when things become difficult, all while maintaining a positive attitude. By building self-confidence in reading, students will be able to transfer this skill into living satisfying and healthy lives.​


Preschoolers who participate in Charlotte’s Reading Web will have a foundation for learning that will last a lifetime.  Our main goal is to develop a love for learning in children at an early age.  We want the students to not only think learning is fun, but to yearn to learn more on their own.  If this motivation is instilled in children, they will be able to explore new concepts at home, in school, and throughout the community.  This will guarantee a new generation of learners and innovators in our society!


It's never too early to train for the future. Preschoolers in Charlotte's Reading Web will work with partners and small groups in almost every activity. The children will help one another with each game and encourage every student to do their best! They will work together to explore letters, sounds, and sight words. Children will be confident in becoming leaders or followers in a group setting. By building these 21st century skills, students will be preparing for their future today.


Charlotte’s Reading Web believes that respect is an integral part of a child’s being!  First and foremost, students will learn to respect themselves, their peers, and adults.  They will put these skills to practice through using manners and having the ability to read the sight words, please and thank you!  Each child will develop a love and respect for literacy and learning.  These skills will empower student to seek out books that look fun and interesting to them.  Students will learn to treat these books with respect in order to pass on their love of learning to others.


Fine motor skills are the foundation children need before they learn handwriting.  This is essential to ensure that children have proper pencil grasp and control of a writing instrument. Fine motor skills are an extremely important part of growth and development, yet they are often overlooked!  Through the daily use of pencils, crayons, markers, paint, and much more students will begin to develop these fundamental skills.

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