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Charlotte’s Reading Web is convenient for you! Our team offers whatever your child needs in order to help them grow and learn best.

· Basic Sessions (1 session per week)

· Advanced Sessions (3-5 sessions per week)

· Individual Sessions (On-site or at your home)

Please contact Charlotte’s Reading Web to get your child ready for the future!


Do you want to get involved and learn the skills to help your child become a step ahead of the other kids?  Come learn to teach your child how to read!  Charlotte’s Reading Web is designed to build relationships with parents, children, and the community.  These courses offer strategies to help you build on what your child is already learning in Charlotte’s Reading Web.  There are fun games and activities you could be doing with your child everyday in order to get them ready for school.  These courses will offer strategies to parents and provide you with the games to take home!  You will learn to how teach your child letters, sounds, and sight words.  There will be a “make and take” section of the classes so that you’re ready to play and learn with your little one at home!  You are your child’s biggest advocate for learning.  Please contact Charlotte’s Reading Web in order to get more information about signing up for a 1-hour course that will change your child’s reading future.


 Charlotte’s Reading Web offers on-site reading sessions in order to get your child ready for school.  These hands-on, game-oriented sessions make learning fun!  The preschoolers will be able to recognize their letters, sounds, and even sight words before they enter Kindergarten.  The progressive strategies our team uses will develop the confidence your child needs in order to be at the top of their class!  These 30 minute sessions will include a focus on developing reading skills, promoting self-confidence, instilling motivation, encouraging teamwork, inspiring respect, and supporting fine motor skills.  These abilities will provide your child the skills necessary to become a great reader and an innovative  thinker.


 Don't let the "Summer Slide" effect your child!  Charlotte's Reading Web is offering "in home"sessions for your child and his or her friends.  These sessions will include fun, hands-on games and activities that will provide the skills your child needs to become a 21st century learner.  In exhange for hosting the "Play Date," your child's session will be free.



*Ages:  3-6 years old

*We come to you!  We can meet you at your house, the library, a park, etc.

*There must be 6 children in each group.

*If you are the host, your child is free!

*45 minute sessions

*We will meet the specific reading needs of each group.

 Please contact Charlotte’s Reading Web in order to learn more about our "Educational Play Dates."



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